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Christmas Day Blackout For Over 70 East Wight Post Codes

Residents in 73 postcodes in the East Wight are without power this evening (Friday).

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks said they were alerted to the issue at 7.46pm - with residents across the Island, including in unaffected areas, noticing a brief dimming of their lights.

SSEN expects supplies to be restored by 11pm.

Postcodes affected include:

 PO36 8AL

 PO36 8AN

 PO36 8AW

 PO36 8BZ

 PO36 8DA

 PO36 8DB

 PO36 8DE

 PO36 8DN

 PO36 8DR

 PO36 8DU

 PO36 8EA

 PO36 8EB

 PO36 8ED

 PO36 8EF

 PO36 8EJ

 PO36 8EP

 PO36 8ER

 PO36 8ES

 PO36 8ET

 PO36 8EU

 PO36 8EW

 PO36 8EX

 PO36 8FA

 PO36 8FD

 PO36 8HA

 PO36 8HB

 PO36 8HD

 PO36 8HE

 PO36 8HF

 PO36 8HG

 PO36 8HH

 PO36 8HJ

 PO36 8HL

 PO36 8HP

 PO36 8HQ

 PO36 8HR

 PO36 8HS

 PO36 8HU

 PO36 8HW

 PO36 8HX

 PO36 8HY

 PO36 8HZ

 PO36 8JA

 PO36 8JB

 PO36 8JD

 PO36 8JE

 PO36 8JF

 PO36 8JG

 PO36 8JH

 PO36 8JJ

 PO36 8JN

 PO36 8JQ

 PO36 8JW

 PO36 8JZ

 PO36 8LE

 PO36 9AF

 PO36 9AG

 PO36 9AH

 PO36 9AJ

 PO36 9AQ

 PO36 9AR

 PO36 9BA

 PO36 9BB

 PO36 9BD

 PO36 9BN

 PO36 9BQ

 PO36 9BW

 PO36 9BZ

 PO36 9EB

 PO36 9FB

 PO36 9FD

 PO36 9FR

 PO36 9NU

Find out what to do in the event of a power cut here.



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