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NEW COMPETITION: Win A Luxury Hamper For National Pet Day

To celebrate National Pet Day Today (April 11), we're offering you the chance to win a luxury hamper of treats for your pet - just have a go at our Facebook competition!

Have you spent much time on our Facebook page? It's full of the latest news updates from our team, and a great way of keeping up with all of our goings-on from our fantastic presenters!

And our latest competition is for all your beloved pets - to celebrate National Pet Day, we're offering you the chance to win a luxury hamper of treats for your pet!

Just head to our Facebook page and comment on our competition page with the name and cutest picture of your pet šŸ˜ we'll then pick a winner when the competition closes on Sunday night (April 14) at 11.59pm - good luck!

So go on, it only takes two seconds and your pet could be enjoying a bundle of treats as a result. And while you're there, don't forget to take a look at our latest content! 


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