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Emerging Artist Of The Month: Jazah

April's Emerging Artist of the Month is a multi-genre musician who's taken an unconventional route into the music industry.

Jazah Camara decided to take the plunge and build a music studio in his bedroom, learning to produce tracks from scratch without any formal training.

Also an England beach soccer star, the young musician sat down with Isle of Wight Radio to discuss his background and future plans.


Hi Jazah, for anyone who doesn't know about your music, how would you describe it?

It's multi-genre - afro beats, hip-hop, melodies - I feel like my music should have something for everyone hopefully.


Do you come from a musical background?

My family raised me listening to reggae, ska music, Elvis...  A wide range of influences from a young age.

I used to sing a lot when I was younger, and when I speak to people who used to babysit me as a child, they tell me I used to talk about being a rapper, singer or a footballer back then!


Speaking of football, in addition to music you've played beach soccer for England - is that your other main passion?

Although I love beach soccer and sport in general, music will always be my main priority - It's my life, my form of expression.

I do prioritise music over everything because I love it.

Jazah representing England in a beach soccer tournament


What's been your journey to get to this point?

When I was about 17, my friend Daniel was very passionate about being a rapper and bought a load of music equipment.

He taught me the basics, but I didn't want to keep having to lean on him - and travel to Portsmouth - to record my music, so I created a studio of my own.

It's been a journey of trial and error since then.


What goes into producing a track?

I started out producing from YouTube beats, but as I've got older I've created my own beats and it's been nice to have a bit of control.

I learned the basics and how to produce something where I have more freedom over the process.


Have you worked with other local musicians?

Curtis Mitchell and Levi Collins are two people I've met who make music over here.

It's been challenging to connect and collaborate with people on the Island, but those two have been the stand-outs.

Levi Collins


You released a music video which proved popular - how did that come about?

Jack, from (Ryde based) Double or Nothing Productions approached me to make the video.

It was filmed at my parents' restaurant (Bendula in Ryde) which was really cool, it felt like being at home.

It exceeded my expectations, but then lockdown set me back a bit before things picked up again recently.

Do you have any gigs or events on the horizon?

There are beach soccer festivals in Bournemouth and Devon which I'm hoping to perform at.

At this point I'm reaching out to make things happen and putting a lot of music out to increase my exposure.


You're prolific with how much music you're currently creating, could an album release be in your future?

Yeah, I really hope so - at least an EP for the summer.

I'm now finding that more consistency is bringing more opportunities with it. I've struggled to put myself out there in the past, been in my head a lot.

As I'm getting older I've realised life's too short to be holding back or messing about.



A post shared by Jazah (@itsjazah)


Do you have a clear goal in mind with music?

If I can make a living from it then that would be everything I can ask for.

Performing in front of large crowds would be the best feeling ever, but I just want people to feel a connection really.

When I receive messages saying someone's feeling the new music that means a lot to me.

If there's a possibility of a good income doing something I love then that would be a dream.


Which events and venues would you like to perform at?

Wireless Festival in London would be pretty cool.

Isle of Wight Festival would be amazing to rep the homeland!

Summer Jam - a reggae festival in Germany - would be beautiful as well. 


Are there any inspirations globally for you within the music industry?

It boils down to three people for me:

Michael Jackson - I was always singing his songs as a kid; Bob Marley resonates with me, especially after the recent film, and J Hus - a Gambian artist from London.

J's melodic singing and rapping inspires me and is something I've tried to incorporate in my own way.

Are there any local artists you would recommend people check out?

I mentioned a couple of people earlier who I'd recommend people check out.

I'd definitely say have a listen to Levi Collins.

Curtis Mitchell just needs a bit of confidence, he's one of the most talented musicians I've ever met.


Do you have a message for people who'd like to get into music but aren't sure how to start?

I talk to a lot of people over here who'd like to make music but aren't sure if they're good at it.

Just try, life's too short not to give it a go and don't be afraid to follow your dreams.


How can people get in touch with you or listen to some of your tracks?

I've got Instagram, TikTok and a YouTube channel I'm trying to be more regularly uploading to.

All my tracks are on Spotify Apple Music and iTunes as well.

Otherwise, you can find me by searching 'Jaz Camara' online!

I've also just released my latest track (includes explicit content) 'Scene', so give that a listen if you like.


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