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Five Top Christmas Tunes Of The 80s

The 80s brought us not only iconic fashion and memorable movies but also some of the catchiest and enduring Christmas tunes that continue to bring joy and nostalgia during the holiday season.

As we dust off the neon decorations and embrace the retro vibes, let's take a stroll down memory lane and revisit five top Christmas tunes of the '80s that are sure to add a festive flair to your celebrations!

1. "Last Christmas" by Wham!:

Few songs embody the spirit of '80s Christmas more than "Last Christmas" by Wham! Written and performed by George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, this pop classic narrates a tale of heartbreak during the holiday season. With its infectious melody and memorable chorus, "Last Christmas" has become a timeless anthem for festive playlists, capturing the essence of both love and loss against a backdrop of jingling bells and synthesizers.


2. "Do They Know It's Christmas?" by Band Aid:

In 1984, an ensemble of some of the biggest British and Irish musical talents came together to form Band Aid and record the charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" Written by Bob Geldof and Midge Ure, the song aimed to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia. The poignant lyrics, combined with the powerhouse vocals of artists like Bono, George Michael, and Sting, make this anthem a memorable '80s Christmas classic that carries a message of compassion and giving.


3. "Christmas Wrapping" by The Waitresses:

"The Waitresses" brought a unique and funky flavour to the holiday season with "Christmas Wrapping." This alternative Christmas song stands out for its spoken-word verses, catchy saxophone riffs, and the distinctive vocal style of lead singer Patty Donahue. The song's narrative, detailing a year-long love story that culminates during the holiday season, makes it a fresh and fun addition to any '80s Christmas playlist.


4. "Fairytale of New York" by The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl:

"Fairytale of New York" has become an iconic and bittersweet Christmas classic. The song tells the tale of a troubled relationship against the backdrop of a gritty New York City Christmas. With its raw lyrics, spirited Irish folk influence, and the interplay of Shane MacGowan's and Kirsty MacColl's vocals, the song strikes a unique balance between melancholy and celebration. "Fairytale of New York" stands out for its emotional depth, capturing the complexities of the holiday season and earning its place as one of the most enduring Christmas songs of the '80s.


5. "The Power of Love" by Frankie Goes to Hollywood:

Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "The Power of Love" is not only an '80s anthem but also a timeless exploration of love's transformative power. Released in 1984, the song gained widespread popularity -  the track's soulful melodies, poignant lyrics, and the emotive vocals of Holly Johnson create a powerful ballad that transcends the typical holiday fare. "The Power of Love" showcases the enduring strength and emotion that love brings, making it a fitting addition to any playlist that seeks to capture the profound essence of the season.

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