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Five Seaside Resorts We Loved To Visit As Kids

Childhood memories often conjure images of carefree days spent building sandcastles, splashing in the waves, and indulging in ice cream cones by the seaside.

For many of us, seaside resorts hold a special place in our hearts, providing the backdrop for unforgettable family vacations. From sandy beaches to charming promenades, here are five we loved to visit as kids...

1. Blackpool - Lancashire:

Blackpool, with its iconic tower and lively promenade, remains a timeless favourite among families seeking classic seaside fun. As kids, we delighted in riding the thrilling roller coasters at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, exploring the underwater world at local aquariums, and watching spectacular shows at the historic Grand Theatre. We strolled along the bustling promenade, sampling traditional fish and chips, and indulging in candyfloss and donkey rides on the sandy beach. With its vibrant atmosphere and iconic attractions, Blackpool provided endless excitement and cherished memories for families like ours.


2. Brighton - East Sussex:

An obvious one for Sussex readers, Brighton captivated our imaginations with its bohemian charm and vibrant seaside culture. As kids, we rode the historic carousel on Brighton Palace Pier and explored the quirky shops and cafes of the Lanes. We spent lazy days lounging on the pebbled beach, flying kites in the sea breeze, and sampling delicious ice creams from local vendors. With its iconic seafront attractions and eclectic atmosphere, Brighton remains a beloved seaside destination that holds a special place in our childhood memories.


3. Newquay - Cornwall:

For families seeking sun, surf, and stunning coastal scenery, Newquay in Cornwall provided the perfect seaside escape. As kids, we revelled in the opportunity to ride the waves at world-famous surf breaks such as Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay, or explore the tidal pools teeming with marine life. We hiked along the scenic coastal paths, spotting seals and seabirds, and indulged in fresh seafood dinners overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. With its laid-back vibe and breath-taking natural beauty, Newquay remains a cherished seaside resort that we fondly remember from our childhood adventures.


4. Scarborough - North Yorkshire:

With its sandy beaches, historic castle, and bustling promenade, Scarborough offered endless excitement and adventure for families like ours. As kids, we explored the medieval ruins of Scarborough Castle, rode the vintage amusements at Luna Park, and took in panoramic views from the iconic Scarborough Spa Cliff Lift. We spent sunny days building sandcastles on the South Bay beach, paddling in the shallows, and indulging in traditional seaside treats like rock candy and ice cream cones. With its rich history and timeless charm, Scarborough remains a beloved destination for families seeking classic seaside fun.


5. Bournemouth - Dorset:

Nestled along the stunning Jurassic Coast, Bournemouth captured our hearts with its golden beaches, lush gardens, and vibrant seaside atmosphere. As kids, we picnicked in the picturesque Lower Gardens, rode the charming land train along the seafront, and played mini-golf at the quirky Boscombe Chine Gardens. We spent sunny days splashing in the waves at Bournemouth Beach, building sandcastles, and exploring the bustling pier with its arcade games and traditional fish and chip shops. With its stunning coastal scenery and array of family-friendly attractions, Bournemouth remains a beloved seaside resort that we cherished during our childhood holidays.


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