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"Spoilt" Money Saving Expert In Ryde Shares Ideas With Islanders

Lei Hang

A single mother has become a money-saving expert after she says she was "spoilt" by her parents and given a "luxurious lifestyle" while at university in London.

Lei Hang who lives in Ryde, says she changed her mindset and became “passionate” about finding new ways to save money after a number of big life events happened to her, including giving birth to her daughter.

She says she discovered how to live life on the cheap “without making too many sacrifices”.

With this in mind, Lei has launched a money-saving blog so she can share her ideas with Islanders.

Lei told Isle of Wight Radio:

“Back during my uni days  I was very very spoilt and I never thought about money at all because my parents would pay for everything. Then I had my daughter and a divorce and I thought right I need to move out and stand on my own feet. So I moved out and I thought WOW what are these bills? 

“I had to look for cheaper alternatives and that is when it all started...Now I love bargains and it has become a lifestyle. I love sharing it with other people because if I can do it- everyone else can.”

Lei added:

“A lot of people don’t have this much money especially during this time now with the pandemic, so I would like to show people how to show people you can still have a good quality of life without having to sacrifice too much - such as getting coupons and comparing prices.”

Money-saving expert Lei gives tips on things like:

  • How to save money with household bills
  • How to stay warm for cheaper
  • How to get your kids ready to go back to school for less

She says she could never go back to her old university ways and is now obsessed with looking at the price tags to dig out the best deal.

You can find out more via the Blog here or by Facebook

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