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Several New Warnings Issued For Islanders To Avoid Being Scammed

A number of scam warnings have been issued for the Isle of Wight this week.

Trading Standards has revealed that the latest warnings include Wightfibre, Christmas Fayres and Royal Mail.


There has been a large number of reports from residents who have had cold callers at their door from Wightfibre, they have been quite pushy with older more vulnerable residents and have ignored the yellow No Cold Caller stickers.

Wightfibre has confirmed these are genuine callers however they will be making sure that they adhere to doorstep calling rules and avoid the doors with yellow stickers and leave when asked.

Email Scams

More email scams purporting to be TV Licensing saying that you need to update your details – DO NOT click on any links in these emails, they will take you to a fake website where your details will be stolen.

Christmas (un)Fayre

Another reminder to be cautious when signing up to exhibit or sell at a Christmas Fayre/Event – we are seeing many fake adverts placed in community Facebook pages.

Royal sca-mail

Be wary of scam texts and emails purporting to be from delivery companies or Royal Mail, they will ask you to click on a link to rearrange delivery – this is a phishing SCAM and your details will be harvested and sold on.

Local scams

Scam calls can come from local Isle of Wight numbers too! One recently reported stating that there was suspicious activity on a Mastercard account – if you are concerned this might be genuine then contact your card provider to confirm.

There was also a scam call claiming to be from Outreach Internet – again this is a scam – don’t trust a number just because its 01983 – Scammers can buy landlines from all over the country.

Safety pendants

Callers have reported scam calls regarding safety pendants, they will try to get you to sign up for one and you will probably end up paying a monthly amount however there will be no service behind this.

Do not agree to anything like this from a phone call out of the blue.

Dirty deal, fake spiel

A warning to businesses to be cautious when making deals over email, check that the email address is a valid one, phone the organisation that you are dealing with and speak to a human who can confirm the details, particularly when it comes to paying.

Don’t trust payment details sent electronically – always verify them.

Driveway disservice

And finally the cold weather doesn’t seem to be deterring rogue traders – we are still seeing reports of them targeting vulnerable residents to try to clean and recoat driveways, treework, fencing and also trying to buy vans or motor homes offering low prices.

DO NOT engage with anyone on the doorstep – no genuine trader would approach you in this way.

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