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Scam Warnings Issued For Isle Of Wight

The scams below have all been reported by Island residents and have happened recently on the Island.

Blackmail emails

Very nasty blackmail emails accusing the user of visiting unpleasant web sites and demanding money or the information would be released to everyone in their address book.

These SCAMS can be very distressing just delete or forward to [email protected]

Doorstep traders

We are seeing a big increase in doorstep traders purporting to be from a variety of services trying to carry out work on residents property.

They range from replacement windows to renewable energy, surveyors, trying to buy vehicles parked on residents drives and buying gold, silver and jewellery.

Whatever that knock at the door is about – DO NOT ENGAGE.

These traders will never be genuine and you will find yourself the victim of a SCAM.

If you need a service carried out then Trading Standards advice is to use a trader from the Isle of Wight Council Trader Approval Scheme or somebody that has been referred to you by a family member or friend, check their work and references.

Social Media Admin

A warning to anyone that is admin for social media pages – make sure you vet any adverts and events before sharing with your communities.

These provide great opportunities for scammers and it could be your neighbour or friend who falls victim.

Local number scam calls

More calls claiming to be your bank some of them using local numbers which could lead us to think they are genuine.

If you receive a call claiming to be your bank and you aren’t sure if it’s a scam then ring 159 and select the option for your bank, they will be able to confirm if they have been trying to contact you.

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