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Power Cuts For Newport, Cowes And Sandown Reported

A number of homes and businesses are reportedly without power this morning (Tuesday).

SSEN says that a number of Newport addresses will be without power until 4.30pm.

The company says this is a planned outage to allow them to carry out essential work to equipment.

The following seven postcodes - and 89 customers - will be affected:

  • PO30 4LJ
  • PO30 4LN
  • PO30 4LP
  • PO30 4LS
  • PO30 4LT
  • PO30 4LU
  • PO30 4LW

Meanwhile, Cowes High Street has also been hit with a loss of power, due to the overnight flooding.

SSEN is aiming to restore power by 5pm today.

The following postcodes (21 customers) have been affected:

  • PO31 7AJ
  • PO31 7AL
  • PO31 7AN
  • PO31 7AR
  • PO31 7AT
  • PO31 7AW
  • PO31 7QJ
  • PO31 7RE
  • PO31 7RR
  • PO31 7RS
  • PO31 7RZ
  • PO31 7UR

Isle of Wight Radio has also received reports of power outages in Sandown, although the specifics have yet to be confirmed.

A statement from SSEN regarding this said:

"We're aware you may currently be affected by a power cut.

"We are getting engineers on the way to get the power back on and aim to do this by 12.30pm.

"We'll keep you updated if this changes."

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