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Operation Sceptre - A Number Of Surrender Bins Across Isle Of Wight

In 2019 tough new measures were brought in to strengthen the response to knife crime and violent crime, and a number of offensive weapons were banned for possession in a private place such as your home.

Police are encouraging people to look at the following link for more details, and a list of the type of weapons that have been banned: https://orlo.uk/qPhHn

Younger people may order items online, or they may feel pressured or coerced into carrying a weapon or knife.

If you are a parent and you have found a weapon in your child’s room, you can surrender this at one of the surrender bins on the Island.

The full timetable is attached here so you can see exactly when and where the bins will be located if you wish to surrender a weapon.

You can also fill in this form if you wish to surrender a weapon but are unable to get to one of the bins, and police can arrange collection: https://orlo.uk/Xe29g

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