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Isle Of Wight "Turd Town" Named In Controversial New YouTube Video

A popular YouTube series has seen the Isle of Wight come under the microscope — with one location named the worst town and another described as 'needing to be knocked down.'

"Turd Towns" visits areas of the UK, selecting the worst parts of each.

This week's upload — which has received more than 110,000 views so far — selected six locations to undergo scrutiny.

One was given a positive review, two generally positive and three slammed.

A description on the channel stated:

"We went into this one unsure if it would actually be bad.

"Enough people told me it was horrible on the Island, so we had to visit and find out for ourselves.

"What we found was on the whole it’s a pretty nice, but expensive, place to live."

It is controversial, so viewer/reader discretion is advised beyond this point.

The six towns nominated for appraisal 

Ryde — 'the new capital'

Ryde is given a general thumbs up, with the High Street and beach receiving positive feedback and the area in general described as 'nice.'

Negatives are its 'appalling roads' and housing shortage.

It is later suggested Ryde should be the new capital of the Island.

Shanklin — a town on the up thanks to its community

The video's narrator describes Shanklin's High Street as 'one of the blandest places I've ever seen' and suggests there would never be any reason to visit the town.

Despite this, Shanklin is given credit for its ongoing improvements and efforts of the community to upscale the most negatively impacted areas.

Ventnor — A town with great potential despite some issues

Ventnor is seen as a lowly town on the up ("A turd that can be polished.")

The rocky waterfall on the cascade road is described as the nicest thing the narrator saw on his visit.

Negatives include the Winter Gardens being labelled an 'eyesore', while the town centre is considered 'pointless.'

Wroxall - A 'weeping wart' from a horror film

Wroxall is harshly described as 'a weeping wart' which made the narrator feel 'immense sadness' at its 'pointlessness.'

Meanwhile, residents are labelled 'strange' and 'the type of people who wouldn't leave their couch.'

In a damning verdict, Turd Towns named Wroxall as feeling eerily similar to horror film "The Hills Have Eyes."

Newport - 'Should be knocked down'

Newport is described as 'bland', 'dreary and expressionless'.

The narrator suggests the town should be 'knocked down' and Ryde made the capital.

Sandown (named worst town)

Sandown — named the biggest 'Turd Town' on the Island for its boarded up hotels and the 'worst' High Street on the Island — is labelled 'embarrassing' for local residents.

The narrator also names Sandown 'by far the worst place on the Isle of Wight' and states that the Turd Museum is the biggest attraction in the town. 

The full video can be viewed below:

What do you make of the comments in the video?

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