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Struggling To Sleep? New Research Names The Movies That Will Help

Whether at the cinema or in the comfort of your own home, many people frequently find themselves falling asleep to films, even if they didn’t intend to.

But which ones do we rely on most to quickly send us off to the Land of Nod?

Bed furnishing experts at Bed Kingdom used online film cataloguing service Letterboxd to determine the most sleep-inducing films.

They analysed more than 1,700 user generated lists which featured sleep-related terms such as ‘bedtime’, ‘fall asleep to’, ‘sleepy’ and ‘unwind’, to find which movies people most commonly watch to help them drift off. 

Taking the top spot as the most popular film to fall asleep to was Fantastic Mr. Fox, with the movie featuring on 109 sleep-related lists.

Adapted from the cherished Roald Dahl novel, the movie combines Wes Anderson’s signature deadpan humour, distinctive stop-motion animation visuals and a whimsy score, establishing it as the perfect film for both children and adults to fall asleep to. 

In second place was My Neighbor Totoro, which appeared on 108 sleep-related lists in total.

The Studio Ghibli animation depicts two young girls as they befriend magical wood spirits in post-war rural Japan.

Accompanied by a gentle score by Joe Hisaishi, the film’s slow slice-of-life storytelling make it ideal for dozing off to.

Following in third was another Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away, with appearances on 107 sleep-related lists.

Often considered Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpiece, the film portrays young girl Chihiro on a quest to reunite with her parents after she inadvertently enters a spirit world upon moving to a new neighbourhood.  

Coming in fourth was Greta Gerwig’s 2019 Little Women adaptation, which was included on a total of 98 lists.  

Based on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel, the period drama tells the story of four sisters and their lives during the American Civil War – but not without a modern twist, allowing the film to appeal to both younger and older audiences.  

Rounding out the top five was the first of the Before trilogy, Before Sunrise. The film featured on 94 lists, making it a popular choice for falling asleep to. 

The film chronicles two people who meet on a train and disembark in Vienna where they spend the night together before going their separate ways.

The film is a relaxing watch, with its intimate dialogue creating a serene and quiet atmosphere.

The Top Ten

1. Fantastic Mr Fox (2009)
2. My Neighbor Totoro (1988)
3. Spirited Away (2001)
4. Little Women (2019)
5. Before Sunrise (1995)
6. Call Me by Your Name (2017)
7. Pride & Prejudice (2005)
8= Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)
8= The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)
10= 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
10= Amélie (2001)

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