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Local music Isle of WightThe lsland has a history of great locally made music, and Isle of Wight Radio wants to showcase the best local artists and bands.

If you've had jam sessions in the kitchen or garage and think you're ready to share your music, then tell us about it.  Send us an MP3 or link to your tracks, along with a biography and photo to [email protected].

Things have been awful for the live music scene on the Island so Isle of Wight Radio would like to help by showcasing the amazing music and talent we have.

If you are part of or know anyone who plays in a local band or creates their own music we would like to hear from you.


Send us a description of the band or all about you if you're a solo artist, over 100 words but less than 500.

Include an MP3 of your work, so we can feature it on our website, please ensure it is copyright free.

Include some photos

Add some links to any youtube videos

Add links to how people can buy your music if it's already available to purchase.

New Music from Last Chance City


Friday, December 25th, 2020 

Written By: David Francis

Last Chance City are an Electro/Alternative Rock Band from the Isle of Wight. Within their music they include other genres such as dance, punk and indie music. One thing that seems to appeal to audiences is their crazy stage presence, where they have been described as eye catching and energetic. Their music features deep and meaningful lyrical content, shown through their anti war lyrics. They have so much passion for music and the band and hope one day to be part of this amazing music industry.

You can find out more about them here:  



Listen to their current song Their Front Page below.



New Music from Savannah


Sunday, December 20th, 2020 

Written By: David Francis


Savannah Rose is a singer / songwriter from the Isle of Wight hoping to develop a career in the music industry. She told Isle of Wight Radio that she was born in America and moved to the UK when she was 4 so is am still heavily influenced by American music culture but also by UK music culture so I think this gives me a unique perspective she says.

Savannah says, I tend to make pop, house, lo-fi and dance music;  I'm very influenced by these genres and they are the genres I tend to gravitate towards. I have numerous performances under my belt and I am working towards getting my original songs on streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. In addition I have recently been working with different producers to develop my original material. I’ve always loved music and singing and this started when I was in primary school.  My friends and I used to sing and dance at break to practice for the school's talent competition where we placed third one year and second the following year. When I was younger, my friends and I even signed up to audition for Britain's Got Talent! I’ve always been heavily encouraged by my friends and family to progress my talent and passion.  In terms of my musical inspirations my biggest one is my brother, he’s always been my biggest supporter and tells me that I will make it someday; he always reminds me to try my hardest and it will happen. My brother has DJ’d and Rapped in front of thousands of people abroad and I have always been inspired to have similar experiences; I have always wanted to travel with my music. 


Following my journey, I then went on to attend high school at Christ the King College on the Isle of Wight where I took GCSE music among other subjects. Through studying music at GCSE, I realised my passion even more and decided to progress on to Platform One Music College to further these skills. I am now in my final year of Platform One and it has been very beneficial for preparing me for the music industry and giving me the knowledge, confidence and experience that I need. My main focus is to release my music on streaming platforms which I’m currently working towards now and it should be up in January. 


My Song Imagine is a breakup song but instead of a sad breakup song it’s one explaining everything that the person did wrong and being better off without them. This song is just full of emotions and I love using my lyrics to story tell.

Savannah is also due to play at the Isle of Wight Festival in 2021.

Hear one of Savannah's latest tracks, Imagine here.




New EP from Benny Jet


Sunday, December 20th, 2020 

Written By: David Francis

Benny Jet told Isle of Wight Radio that his music is punky and glam rock inspired but sonically also loves more modern artists like Massive Attack and FKA Twigs for "making music that's interesting, so I'm more then just a run of the mill Punk Rocker."

Benny says "I've been gigging since I was 14, but have collated a large amount of material over the last few years of writing. My songs are very cente

red on British Life and Loves, I even have a hopeful song called "Barry"....about Barry from EastEnders." 

I've been expanding my online profile and now my E.P "Tell All the Tall Tales" on Spotify, Amazon, Tik Too Music and Bandcamp to name a few. I've also just finished recording a NEW new E.P to be released in 2021.

Hear Benny Jet's Rockstar 1.0 here.



A New Album From 99 Bears


Monday, December 14th, 2020 

Written By: David Francis

99 Bears is what happens when you bring together a Lady, an accomplished Rock Ringer / Songwriter, a renowned Artist and a national lockdown.  Let me introduce you to 99 Bears. A talented and creative trio who have collectively written and produced the new album "Dances With Demons"  an eclectic mix of musical styles which will take you on a journey describing the undulating landscape that is "life". 

All of the profits from sales of the CD will go to a selection of mental health charities in the hope that every contribution, however small, may go some way toward saving a life and showing that person what a wonderful human being they are.

The album is already getting some very positive reviews. 

It's a funny, yet sensitive album which you'll will find yourself singing along to. If you or someone you know suffers with mental health issues, you will understand this album brilliantly and, if you don't, you will begin to understand what many people are going through.  It's a cleverly written album which will make you fell every emotion throughout the 13 tracks starting with Demons, which you can hear below, and ending with Thank You.



Soulful RnB from Nia


Friday, December 4th, 2020 

Written By: David Francis



Nia is a local artist from the Isle of Wight,  who has just finished a Masters degree in Music at the University of Surrey, and is now releasing her first single called Cold, on the 11th December.   It was recorded as a live session, featuring some incredibly talented musicians along with a professionally filmed music video which will be available on YouTube when it is released. 

Cold is a gentle ballad with gorgeous harmonies and instrumentation. Really easy listening. 

Nia has toured across the UK, France and Miami with various bands and is now releasing her first single. Exploring jazz, RnB, soul and pop, Nia has created a unique style which is evident in her new release of 'Cold (Live Session)'. With stunning harmonies, relatable lyrics accompanied by talented jazz musicians, this ballad premiered during her Masters of Music Degree, receiving undeniable praise and attention. 

You can follow Nia on Twitter @niamusicuk



New Music from P!lot


Friday, November 27th, 2020 

Written By: David Francis

P!lot is an up and coming 19 year old electronic music producer from the Island.  A massive fan of all types of music, P!lot told Isle of Wight Radio he's been influenced by many different genres ranging from classical pieces, by the likes of Ryuichi Sakamoto and Nick Cave, to the electronic tracks of Daft Punk and The Chemical Brothers to the more melancholic downbeat style of Radiohead. 
His release of ‘Clouds’ has been featured by music blogs such as 'A&R Factory



The Isle of Wight's Beth Brookfield Releases Debut Single


Tuesday, November 24th, 2020 

Written By: Paul Topping

After growing up around music, she fell in love with it at a very young age. People noticed her

deep-toned voice, which she has used to her advantage, being able to cover songs by Eric

Clapton and Bruce Springsteen, whilst making them her own with her acoustic guitar.

Brookfield learnt to accompany her voice at just 9 years old, starting with the ukulele and then

quickly moving onto learning guitar and piano. Since then she has been songwriting and

performing as a solo artist. Beth loves music that makes her feel something, whether that be

emotional lyrics or a dreamy guitar riff. She takes influence from artists such as George

Harrison, Fleetwood Mac and Rayland Baxter.



Her single ‘The Journey’ is a blend of soft vocals, country inspired guitar and moving lyrics.

Beth wrote the song, then at the latter end of 2019 started producing it with Hungry Hound

Productions. The track was recorded at Skinny Mammoth Studios on the Isle of Wight .


Beth told Isle of Wight Radio “ The Journey is about the progression of a relationship, starting with that initial

starstruck feeling and travels through all the emotions of falling in love. Every lyric means

something to me and I hope people listening can relate to them, I love that music has the ability

to bring back so many emotions ”


Beth was set to perform at the ‘Isle of Wight Festival’ in June 2020, but following the

cancellation of the event she is now looking forward to hopefully performing there in 2021, as

well as growing as an artist and working on releasing more original music.

Follow Beth Brookfield on:

Instagram: @bethbrookfield



Send us your demo


Monday, November 23rd, 2020 

Written By: Studio

Things have been awful for the Isle of Wight live local music so we would like to highlight the amazing live and local music:

If you are part of or know anyone who plays in a local band or creates their own music we would like to hear from you.

Send us a description of the band or all about you if you're a solo artist, over 100 words but less than 500.

Include an MP3 of your work, so we can feature it on our website, please ensure it is copyright free.

Include some photos

Add some links to any youtube videos

Add links to how people can buy your music if it's already available to purchase.






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