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Pounds for a Sound

We’re giving you the chance to win cash with Isle of Wight Radio and WightFibre by playing our brand new game Pounds for a Sound!

We play weekdays at 8.05am  – all you need to do to win is tell us what you think the mystery sound is.

£3,845 Jackpot!

When the presenter on air tells you that lines are open, text the word RADIO followed by the word SOUND to 8 1 400, making sure to include your name but not your guess*^.


Remember to give a number that we can reach you on at just after 8am


Check out the current list of incorrect answers and hear the mystery sound for yourself below!

Some of the Incorrect answers:

  • Stapler
  • Flicking through playing cards
  • Peeling a yogurt lid
  • Eating an apple
  • Opening a food can
  • Twisting bubble wrap
  • Breaking eggs into a bowl
  • Cello tape being pulled from the role
  • Ring pull when pulled back
  • Ring Binder – opening/closing
  • Flicking through cards!
  • Taking the lid off a yogurt pot
  • Metal screw cap on a bottle breaking seal
  • Shuffling cards
  • Cracking open a fortune cookie.
  • Cracking an egg
  • Cracking a nut
  • Biting an apple
  • Apple pie wrapper scrunching up
  • Flicking cards
  • Opening a Stanley knife
  • Turning the Dial on Washing Machine
  • Cutting Guillotine
  • Hole Puncher
  • Foil top from milk bottle
  • getting a Tablet out of the packet
  • Scissors cutting cut
  • Tin can being crushed
  • Flicking the pages of a book
  • Drop ice into water
  • Knife being sharpened on a steel
  • Clicky lid on a medicine bottle
  • Running finger over edge of a comb
  • Pepper grinder turning and crunching up
  • Ratchett strap
  • Someone biting a carrot
  • Dropping an ice cube into a glass
  • Yale Key in door turning then opening
  • Shutter on a camera
  • Recyling bin on the computer
  • Ripping cling film from the roll 
  • Coffee pod capsule that pops
  • Garlic going through the garlic press
  • Butterfly clip being wound up 
  • Turning Key in a child's toy car
  • Paper clip removing machine
  • Tin Opener
  • Drop down list on a mobile phone
  • Clicking in your seat belt 
  • Resealable food bag
  • Latches on a brief case
  • Staple less stapler
  • Screw top bottle of wine
  • A salt mill
  • Biting into a Magnum Ice Cream
  • Realise on the trolley with the £1
  • Cracking knuckles
  • Extractor fan in the kitchen
  • Key board on a computer (quickly typed)
  • Locking french doors pulling handle up
  • Split open celery
  • Cracking glow sticks
  • Clapping hands
  • Safety lid on washing pod box
  • knife sharpener
  • Pedal bike changing gears
  • Drinks can being crushed
  • Screen lock on the I phone 
  • Snapping a cracker
  • Taking the shell off a boiled egg
  • Old fashioned ticket machine clicking 
  • Removing ice from the tray the twist
  • Magnets coming together on a fly screen
  • Eating potato crisps or snacks
  • Non slip bath mat that sucks the floor 
  • Velcro being ripped
  • Opening an Acetate box
  • Childproof Bottle Top
  • Paper and foil coffee jar seal
  • Biting Celery 
  • Spoon being put into or out of Jelly
  • Chopping raw vegetables on chopping board
  • Ripping a cupboard strip from envelope
  • Twisting a Rubix Cube
  • Biting into pork crackling
  • Taking the shell off a boiled egg
  • Lock blade knife
  • Changing the gears on a bike
  • Pricing gun at the shops
  • Rattling of the ball bearing in a spray paint can


^ Texts charged at your standard network rate.
* Terms and conditions apply, see below for the full terms.

Terms and conditions:

  • All Isle of Wight Radio standard terms and conditions for competitions apply, along with additional terms and conditions as stated below. If any terms and conditions conflict, those stated below take precedence.
  • To enter ‘Pounds for a Sound’, text 8 1 400, starting your message with ‘RADIO SOUND‘ followed by your name ONLY. Texts are charged at your standard network rate.
  • You may also pre-register at iwradio.co.uk.
  • Lines for text entries will be announced as open and then closed by the presenter. No calls or texts are accepted outside of these times and any received will be discounted.
  • You must not attempt to give us your answer unless asked by the presenter.
  • If you are randomly selected to play, you must identify the mystery sound from the clip as played on air. Should you correctly identify the mystery sound, you will win the cash prize.
  • You have only one guess. The presenter will take your first guess only. Should this be incorrect, you will need to re-register to play again and will win nothing.
  • The correct answer to be accepted will be written on a card held by the presenter. Only this answer will be accepted with no variation.
  • If you fail to answer your phone when we call you, we will move on and call the first reserve.
  • You may be any age to enter, but those under the age of 18 require parental consent to play and to redeem the prize.
  • You must reside in the UK.
  • You may only register once per fortnight. After you have played your entry will be deleted and you will need to re-register for another chance to play.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change and amendment at any time at Isle of Wight Radio’s discretion.

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