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We Pay Your Bills

Win Free Cash


Throughout March we’ve teamed up with the Island's full-fibre, ultrafast, futureproof broadband company, Wightfibre. We’ll be giving away thousands of pounds in free cash to help you out.  

Bills paid so far....

David - £288.25 Taxis Repairs

Tanya - £30.00 new Trainers

Darren - £90.50 Ferry to visit family(after lockdown)

Caryn - £35.00 Bird Table

Barbara - £59.00 Dog Collar

Nick - £35.00 Diamond Craft Kit

Charlotte - £130.00 Motorbike CBT

Carly - £100.00 Vet Bill

Lisa - £50.00 Wheel barrow

Mark -  £200.00 Decking

Kim - £209.00 Washing Machine

Jane - £150.00 New Plates

Tammy - £335.00 Baby Needs for Twins



  • Ripped those favourite Jeans in an embarrassing or funny way? We could replace those!
  • Did your car fail its MOT?  We can help you back on the road!
  • Put that dent in your or your mum and dad's car? Tell us how it happened and we can help get you out of trouble!
  • Does a local charity need our help?  What do they need and why? We may be able to sort something out.


This is going to be fun so while we will try to help out some good causes we will be judging based on some or all of the following criteria: 

A Making us laugh, say wow or OMG is always good!

B Be creative but truthful.

C Tell us how the money will help or make a difference to you, a friend or charity and why.

REMEMBER - the more information, supporting photos etc the better.

Make sure you have your phone on and take our call - Miss the call, miss out on the money

So we can call you.
This is your chance to woo the team, make them laugh or say wow or OMG

Terms and conditions that run alongside or superseded our standard terms

Entrants may be asked at Isle of Wight Radio's ( to be known as the 'promoter)' discretion to provide a copy of the relevant bill, or evidence why you need the money this could be a photograph of damage etc in the case of bills they must be in the entrant’s name, the amount and type of bill stated in the entry form. Entrants consent to the Promoter having access to their personal information for the purposes of conducting the promotion. By entering the competition, entrants expressly consent to their full name being read out on air.

Online entry:

(a) Participants must visit the Station Website during the Competition Period and fully complete the online entry form, including by providing their name, address, contact number, email address, bill amount and what the bill is for. Entrants should have a copy of the relevant bill to supply to the promoter upon request.

(b) The Promoter will judge each valid entry received based on, amongst other things, the entrant’s story and suitability for radio. This may include humour and creativity. The Promoter will select entries deemed the ‘best’ from the entries received in its sole and absolute discretion.

(c) At various times during the competition period an entrant will be selected by the station representative (in its sole and absolute discretion) and contacted via phone.

The contest segment may be pre-recorded or done live in show contesting period.

Entrants may enter as many times as they wish, however, each entry must be submitted separately and include a copy of a different bill/evidence.

Entrants (and members of the same household) can only win one prize during the Competition Period.

Entrants acknowledge that payment will be made within  14 days of the prize being claimed and confirmation being provided by the Promoter. Entrants expressly acknowledge that payment can take several days (depending on banks and other payment systems turnaround times) to be received. The Promoter takes no responsibility for late payments due to payment systems outside of its control and it is the Entrants’ responsibility to ensure there is adequate time remaining on the bill for payment to be made. The Promoter reserves the right to request a copy of the relevant bill. The promoter reserves the right to pay the bill in full or part thereof.

The promoter reserves the right to add bonus competition hours at any time within the competition.

The Promoter reserves the right, however, is not required to give away bonus prizes at any time within the competition.

The Promoter does not take any responsibility for late fees or charges incurred by bills.

The Promoter shall have no responsibility for the failure of any means of communication/technical difficulty whether within the Promoter’s control or otherwise.

If an entrant’s phone line drops out, or the announcers are unable to hear the entrant on the phone line, the Promoter (in its sole and absolute discretion) may decide to replace the selected entrant by randomly selecting another entrant.

The contest segment may be pre-recorded or done live in a show 

By entering this competition, Entrants grant to the Promoter a perpetual, non-exclusive, royalty-free licence to use their content materials for the purposes of conducting the competition and for marketing and promotional purposes.



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