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Pounds for a Sound

We’re giving you the chance to win cash with Isle of Wight Radio and WightFibre by playing our brand new game Pounds for a Sound!

We play weekdays at 8.05am  – all you need to do to win is tell us what you think the mystery sound is.

Well done to Alice who won £3845 by getting the answer correct.

Here goes with the NEW Sound!!

£3510.00 Jackpot!

When the presenter on air tells you that lines are open, text the word RADIO followed by the word SOUND to 8 1 400, making sure to include your name but not your guess*^.


Remember to give a number that we can reach you on at just after 8am


Check out the current list of incorrect answers and hear the mystery sound for yourself below!

Some of the Incorrect answers:

  • Closing a draw
  • Zipper on a jacket
  • Someone Brushing their Hair
  • Cutting Iceberg lettuce
  • Amazon parcel ripping open
  • Velcro being pulled apart
  • Husband snoring 
  • Someone eating an Apple
  • Tennis ball hitting the racket
  • sweeping leaves
  • Old fashioned card machine 
  • Closing the electric window in a car 
  • Cutting paper with a guillotine
  • Slicing an Apple
  • Chopping a cabbage
  • Cutting into a crusty loaf of bread
  • Paper fed into a photocopier feeder
  • Someone stepping onto gravel
  • Biting into a toffee apple
  • Gas igniting
  • Walking in the snow
  • Cupboard zip on a cupboard box
  • A hole punch
  • Chopping into an onion
  • Parcel strip - when you pull from box
  • pulling a tissue from a box
  • Whoopie cushion 
  • Cutting through Cabbage
  • Ripping paper
  • Pushing down on a stapler
  • Shovelling gravel
  • Flicking through a pile of Paper
  • Scrapping snow from a shed
  • Cutting Christmas paper 
  • Cutting a carrot 
  • Water leaving the sink
  • Ring blinding machine
  • Pulling a knife through the sharpener
  • Cutting through polystyrene 
  • Pepper the tortoise eating watermelon
  • Crinkle chip cutter for potatoes
  • Scrapping ice from windscreen
  • slicing through a crispy iceberg lettuce
  • Popping the coffee jar with the foil top 
  • Pulling the Metal Ventian Blind up
  • Footsteps in the snow
  • Closing a sash window
  • Heavy fire door shutting
  • Compacting Snow
  • old fashioned head guillotine
  • Opening washing powder box tab being ripped
  • Someone Sweeping
  • The lid on the washing container
  • Breaking the seal of fridge door
  • Patio door sliding shut
  • Old style double glazing units pulled across
  • Removing a wax strip
  • Slurping a liquid through a straw
  • Drawing the Curtains
  • Biting into an Apple
  • Desk chair going up & down
  • Shaking the duvet
  • Soldiers being brought to attention
  • Crunching hard into frosty snow
  • Biting into Celery 
  • Pulling the cord on venetian blinds
  • Automatic tennis ball thrower 
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Velux window opening up
  • Velcro catch ball game 
  • ripping tape from a box
  • Opening a walk in freezer
  • Pulling out a seatbelt
  • Sliding door on a van
  • walking in the snow


  • ^ Texts charged at your standard network rate.
  • * Terms and conditions apply, see below for the full terms.

Terms and conditions:

  • All Isle of Wight Radio standard terms and conditions for competitions apply, along with additional terms and conditions as stated below. If any terms and conditions conflict, those stated below take precedence.
  • To enter ‘Pounds for a Sound’, text 8 1 400, starting your message with ‘RADIO SOUND‘ followed by your name ONLY. Texts are charged at your standard network rate.
  • You may also pre-register at iwradio.co.uk.
  • Lines for text entries will be announced as open and then closed by the presenter. No calls or texts are accepted outside of these times and any received will be discounted.
  • You must not attempt to give us your answer unless asked by the presenter.
  • If you are randomly selected to play, you must identify the mystery sound from the clip as played on air. Should you correctly identify the mystery sound, you will win the cash prize.
  • You have only one guess. The presenter will take your first guess only. Should this be incorrect, you will need to re-register to play again and will win nothing.
  • The correct answer to be accepted will be written on a card held by the presenter. Only this answer will be accepted with no variation.
  • If you fail to answer your phone when we call you, we will move on and call the first reserve.
  • You may be any age to enter, but those under the age of 18 require parental consent to play and to redeem the prize.
  • You must reside in the UK.
  • You may only register once per fortnight. After you have played your entry will be deleted and you will need to re-register for another chance to play.
  • These terms and conditions are subject to change and amendment at any time at Isle of Wight Radio’s discretion.



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