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'Staff Unavailability' Means Reduced Island Line Service

Island Line will run a reduced service on three days over the next week.

Train journeys tomorrow (Tuesday), Thursday (16) and Saturday (18) are affected.

Staff 'unavailability' is being blamed, South Western Railway (SWR) has said.

The following trains will be cancelled tomorrow and Thursday:

  • 06:05 Ryde St Johns Road to Ryde Esplanade
  • 06:14 Ryde Esplanade to Shanklin
  • 06:48 Shanklin to Ryde Esplanade
  • 07:14 Ryde Esplanade to Shanklin
  • 07:48 Shanklin to Ryde Esplanade
  • 08:14 Ryde Esplanade to Shanklin
  • 08:48 Shanklin to Ryde St Johns Road
  • 15:16 Ryde St Johns Road to Shanklin
  • 15:48 Shanklin to Ryde Esplanade
  • 16:15 Ryde Esplanade to Shanklin
  • 16:48 Shanklin to Ryde Esplanade
  • 17:14 Ryde Esplanade to Shanklin 
  • 17:48 Shanklin to Ryde Esplanade
  • 18:14 Ryde Esplanade to Shanklin
  • 18:48 Shanklin to Ryde Esplanade
  • 19:14 Ryde Esplanade to Ryde St Johns Road

Cancellations for Saturday will be published later this week.

A spokesperson for SWR said:

"We are very sorry for any delay that this may cause to your journey."