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Newly Elected Island MPs Joe Robertson And Richard Quigley Speak To Isle Of Wight Radio

Island MPs Richard Quigley (left) and Joe Robertson

The newly elected East and West MPs for the Island have spoken to Isle of Wight Radio's Topping in the Morning today (Friday).

Conservative's Joe Robertson and Labour's Richard Quigley were voted into the East and West constituencies respectively, both receiving over 3,000 votes more than their nearest competition.

In a historic win for the Labour Party, Mr Quigley achieved 13,240 votes (38.6%) making him the first Labour MP in the Island's history.

Mr Robertson achieved 10,427 votes (30.6%) making him the first MP for the newly created East seat.

One of you is Labour and the other is Conservative — are you going to play nicely?


"Richard and I are both Isle of Wight Councillors so we've worked together previously on Council business.

"Us working together is what the voters have decided, so we must make it happen."


"Joe would probably have preferred if Bob (Seely) had kept the seat and I'd have preferred if Emily (Brothers) had got it.

"In terms of working together it's Island first, family second and party third, because both of us have done a lot of work in the background.

"I don't think it's a bad thing to have twice as much representation for the Island.

So will we get twice as much representation?


"Absolutely, it's one Island and although I owe my duties to residents in the East Wight, most of the issues that matter to people actually cover the whole Island."


"You've got a similar thing in Portsmouth — North and South — and while our politics are different it is Island first."

Tell us something individually that people should know and that you're proud of:


"I grew up in St Helens and live there now with my wife and two young children.

"I'm East Wight through-and-through and I enjoy family life and all that comes with it.

"I guess I was quite unusual in that I started campaigning for Andrew Turner in 2001 and have been interested in politics ever since."


"When I was about eight years-old I won a massive air-fix kit on stage at The Crucible for doing the best pig impression to 'Old MacDonald'!

"In terms of being an MP, I'm a bit older than Joe, both my parents were Tory Councillors and after having kids I couldn't sit back and watch (what was going on with the Island) any more.

What's the one thing you will prioritise over everything else?"


"Business and jobs. People feel opportunities are better on the Mainland, that it's hard to build a career here.

"From day one I want both MPs to promote the Island, attract business investment, to employ more long-term permanent jobs and also to persuade the new Labour Government to invest."


"Getting the Island back on the map.

"For the past ten-plus years a Conservative Government has made us invisible and that's been clear when I've spoken to the Shadow Transport team — they're unaware of the issues.

"That stretch of water causes so many barriers to opportunity, I need to be banging my fist on the table and saying 'we need help here'.

"The competition markets review has virtually started, we just need to get on with it."

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