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Listed: Which Isle Of Wight Schools Are Reopening?

With coronavirus cases reportedly on the rise, a number of Isle of Wight primary schools have announced whether they are reopening today (4).

Teachers and education unions have called on the Government to rethink plans to open schools due to an surge in cases. 

The Isle of Wight Council has confirmed it will follow nation guidance. It means primary schools will open as usual from today (4), except in some circumstances.

Secondary school openings on the Island will continue to be phased over the following 2 weeks.

The Isle of Wight Council says it allow time for the roll out of mass testing in the secondary schools.

What do the schools say?

Haylands Primary School

Haylands has announced the partial closure of year 1 and 4 classes. Some cases have moved to online learning due to staff shortages. Texts have been sent to parents. Breakfast and Afterschool clubs will also cease.

Greenmount Primary School

Greenmount has confirmed the following classes will not required to return to the school today:

  • EYFS – both classes
  • Year 1 – both classes
  • Year 2 Constable
  • Year 4 Chagall 
  • Year 4 Morisot 
  • Year 5 Ayres 
  • Year 6 Whiteread

St Thomas of Canterbury

The Newport site is only open for open for Years 5 and 6.

Broadlea Primary School

The school says it can only provide childcare for a very small number of children across Reception (15 pupils), Year 1 and Year 2 (20 pupils), Year 3 and Year 4 (15 pupils), Year 5 (25 pupils). Priority will be given to children of key workers. 

Year 6 are expected to attend.

Arreton St Georges Primary

Reception and Years 1, 4 and 5 are not required to attend.

Barton Primary School

Staff shortages mean Freshwater, Yaverland, St. Helens and Bembridge classes will remain home.

Newchurch Primary School

Years 2, 4, 5 and 6 will continue to go into school. Children of key workers for Reception, Year 1 and 3 can attend. 

Bembridge Primary School 

Open to all year groups.

Queensgate Primary School

Queensgate says it is unsafe to open for all year groups. Priority is being given to key workers and vulnerable pupils. If you would like to book a place you can email [email protected]

Gurnard Primary School

Gurnard Primary is closed due to a development day today (4). The school says, at present, it will open to all year groups tomorrow. 

Cowes Primary School

Cowes Primary is open as usual. Parents are reminded to be prompt with collection and drop off time. Only one adult per household can attend. 

St Francis Academy, Ventnor

Open to all year groups.

Godshill Primary 

Class 3/4 will need to remain at home.

St Mary's Primary 

Reception, Year 3, Year 6 and Preschool children can all attend. Year 2, Year 4 and Year 5 cannot. Year 1 pupils must remain home until at least Thursday.

Carisbrooke CE Primary

Carisbrooke CE is closed due to a development day today (4). At present, the school says it will open to all year groups tomorrow (Tuesday).

Newport CE Primary 

Newport CE is closed due to a development day today (4). At present, the school says it will open to all year groups tomorrow (Tuesday).

Summerfields Primary 

Summerfields will remain closed for year 6 pupils.

Nine Acres Primary

Nine Acres is open as usual.

The Bay CE Primary, Sandown

The Isle of Wight Council says The Bay CE is partially closed.

Brighstone Primary 

The school is open as usual.

Chillerton and Rookley Primary School

Year 2 pupils will need to stay home. Years 3 and 4 are also doing online learning.

Dover Park Primary

Today (Monday) and tomorrow (Tuesday) are development days. The school will reopen on Wednesday.

Lanesend Primary 

At present, the school is fully open to all year groups.

Niton Primary School

Niton Primary is closed except for year 2 pupils. Vulnerable children and key workers children are still attending in Reception to year 6.

Binstead Primary School

The school is closed for an INSET day today (4). It will open to all pupils in all year groups from tomorrow (5).

Holycross Primary School

Holycross remains open to all year groups. If your child is not attending, you can email [email protected] 

Brading Primary

The Isle of Wight Council says Brading Primary is partially closed.

Hunnyhill Primary

The Isle of Wight Council says Hunnyhill is partially closed.

Nettlestone Primary

The Isle of Wight Council says Nettlestone is partially closed.

Missed a school? Email us at [email protected]

An Isle of Wight Council Spokesperson said:

“No schools on the Island are fully closed. Some are partially closed due to staff shortages, resulting from a member(s) of staff that has tested positive, or those that are self-isolating due to being a close contact of a positive case and those that are participating in union action.

“Isle of Wight schools will continue to follow the national guidance that the government has published which takes into account all of the scientific evidence. If that advice changes, due to the increasing pandemic, all our Schools will deal with guidance in the same professional manner they have to date.”


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