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Hopes For Rescued Horses At The Isle Of Wight's Riding Centre

Apache with Katie Roddick and Angel Passmore

There is a bright future ahead for two new arrivals at the Island Riding Centre.

Bonsai and Apache were rescued from the World Horse Welfare charity and they will now be living in the lap of luxury. 

The horses will have access to lush pastures and warm stables and they will enjoy the state of the art facilities.

And they are now free to nibble polos- for the first time, gallop in the waves and roll in the sand.

Bonsai and Katie Roddick

Louise Buckner, Island Riding Centre owner said:

“We’d like to rescue more horses; there are so many in need and the World Horse Welfare charity does a phenomenal job in rescuing neglected horses and finding them loving homes.” 

Kind donations from friends of Island Riding Centre has meant that the rescues are trying treats for the first time.

 Katie Roddick their groom who has been working with the rescues said:

 “You can see that these guys have never had polos before, they get really excited about them and they’re mad for them!”.  

The future is bright for these rescues; the centre’s grooms are working hard to bring up the horses’ training and confidence and despite their tough starts in life, these horses have adapted very well to their new homes and are already showing their true personalities.

Groom Angel Passmore added:

“Bonsai absolutely loves cuddles and brushing, he’ll stand there for ages enjoying the attention. Apache’s favourite place in the world is the sand school where he loves to roll about and get covered in sand.”

“We are sure they’ll have a brilliant time when we take them to the beach for a paddle and canter”. 

Bonsai on his own



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