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Havenstreet Falconry Aviary Launches Rejuvenation Appeal

Haven falconry is launching an urgent appeal across the Island to help with a large-scale rejuvenation project at its bird of prey centre at Havenstreet.

The dedicated team at Haven falconry are facing a busy winter period rebuilding many of their bird of prey aviaries.

The project will see a major expansion to many of the current enclosures, offering the birds of prey at the centre additional space to their existing enclosures.

Work has already begun with the rejuvenation of one large aviary, but additional help to accomplish such a large-scale task across the site is urgently needed.

The new structures will need to be robust enough to withstand all extremes of weather and temperatures ,a matter that is of high importance considering the weather extremes we have all been experiencing recently.

Due to the scale of the project ,the team at Haven falconry are appealing to island businesses for their kind help and assistance in support of such a large scale project.

The expansion of the new larger aviaries for the flying team, will help to create new enrichment spaces for the birds, which is important for both physical and mental stimulation to encourage movement and activity whilst the birds are not being flown outside or during extended periods of
inactivity, such as moulting.

Charlotte Bell and Sam White from Haven Falconry who have launched the appeal, said:

“The welfare and care of our birds of prey at the centre is paramount at all times, the planned work to extend many of our aviaries during the winter months will certainly be a major challenge, but a vital one to ensure our birds are cared for to the highest standards.

"Help and support from the Island's business community will certainly be a key factor in achieving our goal at the centre.

"We would like to express our gratitude in advance for any kind help or support that the Islands community may kindly be able offer with our rejuvenation project “

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